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The Game-Changing Ceiling Tile: An Interview with Rockfon’s Diana Hart

Metro is proud to carry Rockfon ceiling tiles and grid. These eco-friendly ceiling tiles are lighter, easier to cut, and easier to work with. They’re also naturally antimicrobial. Rockfon is a subsidiary of Rockwool International. This century-old European firm has been making ceiling tiles since the 1960s but did not enter the U.S. market until 2013. And in 2017, Rockfon also began manufacturing its ceiling tiles in the U.S. Diana Hart, Manager of Business Development and Architectural Sales at Rockfon North America, explains, “Before we entered the American market, one manufacturer usually created a product, and the other two copied it. It was ‘follow the leader,’ but the market didn’t have any real game-changers.” She continues, “When Rockfon introduced stone wool technology, it really shook things up. Now builders and contractors had options other than paper-based, wet-felted mineral fiber, and fiberglass. Rockfon introduced these gorgeous, affordable ceiling tiles made with eco-friendly whipped basalt rock, and it completely changed the market.”

Rockfon is Greenguard Gold Certified and Safe for Healthy Spaces

Hart notes that “Many industries are rethinking healthy indoor spaces because of the pandemic. As a result, air quality, and low VOCs, are more important than ever.” Because Rockfon ceiling tiles are made of basalt, they are Greenguard Gold Certified (GGC) for VOCs, which means they are very low in chemical emissions, decreasing indoor pollution levels. GGC products maintain healthy indoor air quality by naturally reducing occupants’ exposure to chemicals. Rockfon’s medical line also meets a long list of needs. “The Rockfon medical line is second to none in healthcare settings,” Hart emphasizes. “We don’t have to add antimicrobials to the product, while other ceiling tile manufacturers have to apply it to the front and back. We don’t need these chemicals to keep mold off our panels. Rockfon does this naturally.”

Naturally Moisture- and Fire-Resistant

Another pandemic-related benefit is Rockfon’s ability to resist moisture. “The CDC recommends opening windows more,” Hart explains, “Some ceiling tiles will absorb outside humidity, making them sag or mold. Rockfon panels are hydrophobic–no sagging or mold stains–which adds value to the life cycle of the products. That’s a real cost saving over time because they don’t have to replace as many failing panels.” Hart continues, “In addition to being Greenguard Gold Certified for VOCs, our panels don’t smoke or burn. So overall, they’re a much safer product.”

The Future of Ceiling Tiles

While a history of successful projects is essential, keeping pace with future needs is also critical. “The demographics are changing,” Hart notes, “and young designers are looking for new, cool technology and sustainable products. Likewise, builders are looking at products more organically and holistically. “We see a push for true transparency when it comes to sustainability,” Hart says. “Everyone is concerned about the eco-health of building products. Rockfon has that covered. We make it easy for the designers and folks to specify our products. They don’t have to look for the small print to see which product actually has EPD, HPD or GGG certification. If we say Rockfon has it, it’s on every product in the family–not just one or two with an asterisk or disclaimer by it.  Liability is one of the biggest fears of architects, so Rockfon works hard to make it easy to choose our products.”

Metro and Rockfon

Metro Interior Distributors is one of Rockfon’s key partners in the greater New York City region and is committed to carrying the most extensive assortment of Rockfon products in the area. Hart reports that “We worked with Metro very early on. Metro was one of our first distribution partners and we have shared some very exciting wins in this partnership.” She explains, “Metro and Rockfon have been a part of some massive projects in the area, including Time Warner Tower, 50 Water Street, and Herald Square. We couldn’t ask for a stronger partnership than the one we have with Matt Sutherland and Metro.” Hart adds, “Through Metro, builders can access Rockfon’s wonderful technical resources. If an architect or designer is looking to use a specialty product, we’ll help them find the right components and price points for their build, free of charge. It’s a wonderful resource, and I encourage everyone to inquire about it. We’re here to help.” Metro President Matt Sutherland appreciates the strong relationship he has with Rockfon. “This stuff is high quality, eco-friendly, no emissions, and chemical-free,” Sutherland reports. “It looks great, and our customers are using it all over the place to create beautiful, high-end spaces. “But the best part,” Sutherland notes with a smile, “is that Rockfon ceiling tile and grid is significantly more affordable than their competitors. It’s not often you get better stuff for less money. That’s why we keep talking about Rockfon. It’s better. It’s affordable. I really can’t understand why everyone hasn’t made the switch to Rockfon.”

Want More Information About Rockfon Ceiling Tiles and Grid?

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