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Photo courtesy of Rockfon. Color-all Seashell, Azure, Eucalyptus, Scarlet, and Coral shown.

Rockfon® Ceilings Have the Right Ingredients for New York Restaurants

At last count, New York boasted over 19,000 restaurants, cafes, and food trucks. It regularly ranks among the top food cities in the world. Locals and tourists alike cram into eateries all over Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, and Long Island looking for something new and delicious.

While some restaurants have lasted for decades, New York City is known for opening new restaurants and remodeling old favorites. The city that never sleeps also never stops remodeling. And when these eating destinations upgrade, they’re often searching for ways to reduce noise, improve design, create the illusion of more space, increase energy efficiency, and stay within budget. And, of course, everything has to be hygienic and easy to clean.

Rockfon to the Rescue

Metro recently interviewed Diana Hart, Manager of Business Development and Architectural Sales at Rockfon North America. She shared Rockfon’s history of restaurant installations. “Rockfon has a lot of appeal within the industry. All of our ceiling tiles absorb sound and are made from stone wool, so they’re light and easy to install and maintain. Of course, restaurants like the fact that acoustic ceilings also provide quick access to ductwork and mechanical systems. Our Color-all and Hygienic Plus products are of particular interest, and like all our stone wool acoustic ceiling tiles, they are UL Greenguard Gold certified and are moisture-, mold-, mildew-resistant and achieve Class A Fire Performance.”

Rockfon® Color-all™ Delivers Design Options

“Color-all offers thirty-four exclusive colors, so it’s easy for them to meet the designer’s vision,” Hart notes. “Architects or designers can choose from exposed, semi-concealed, and concealed edges in various module sizes. We even have Color-all grid to match. This line works really well with our Rockfon® Infinity™ ceiling perimeter trim, so the options are almost endless.”

Rockfon® Hygienic Plus™ Helps Keep it Clean!

Keeping restaurants clean is paramount, but when it comes to ceilings, Rockfon has the solution. Diana Hart explains, “Rockfon Hygienic Plus acoustic tiles deliver bacteria-resistant high performance. They are even suitable for clean room environments to ISO 5, and with a light reflectance of 0.83, it also helps brighten up the surrounding space.”

These popular tiles also feature sealed edges. “When used with Rockfon Chicago Metallic barrier grid, restaurants can create sealed ceiling environments that can help keep front of house and back of house air confined,” says Hart. “Keeping airflows separate is important to keep cooking smells out of the dining area.”

Photo courtesy of Rockfon and Nibe fotograferne, Hygienic Plus shown.

Rockfon Hygienic Plus has low particle emissions to support air quality and is also UL Greenguard Gold certified.  It also offers superior acoustics, NRC of 0.9 and complies with New York fire codes.

Rockfon® Infinity™ Perimeter Expands Options

When architects or designers want ceilings with curved designs, ceiling clouds, free-floating islands, light coves, or dramatic transitions between ceiling heights and other accents, Rockfon Infinity Perimeter Trim delivers.

“Infinity trim was created to work with all of Rockfon’s stone wool ceiling tiles and metal ceiling panels,” Hart explains. “This type of trim allows restaurants to break up large spaces with multi-level ceilings. Ceiling islands are another cost-effective way to add drama while also improving acoustics.”

Color-All SQ 2'x2' in Gravel, Alaska SQ 2'x2', Stone Wool Ceilings, Chicago Metallic 4000 Tempra
Photo courtesy of John Jernigan and CPPI: Color-All SQ 2'x2' in Gravel, Alaska SQ 2'x2', Stone Wool Ceilings, Chicago Metallic 4000 Tempra in Gravel and White, Suspension Grid, Infinity in Gravel and White shown.

Rockfon Metal Ceilings Deliver Design Freedom

Rockfon Intaline Round-Base metal baffles, Rockfon Magna T Cell, Rockfon Paired Infinity Trim
Photo courtesy of Rockfon: Rockfon Intaline Round-Base metal baffles, Rockfon Magna T Cell, Rockfon Paired Infinity Trim shown.

While Rockfon is known for stone wool tiles, it also offers a wide range of metal ceilings that are well-suited to restaurant use. “Designers can choose from a wide range of finishes and colors, including a wood grain look,” Hart reports. “We have placed all kinds of metal ceilings in New York restaurants, including linear and metal plank, metal panels, curved systems, open systems, and metal baffles.”

Metal ceilings offer exciting design options, including curved ceilings that add drama and improve acoustics. “Our metal ceilings are literally offered in all shapes and sizes,” says Hart. “You can find options that are perfect for historical ceilings or use other lines that create a super modern feel.”

Designed to meet many needs, Rockfon metal ceilings can help deliver aesthetics and acoustics control and are hygienic, water-resistant, and easy to clean. In addition, Rockfon makes it simple to remove portions to access other systems for maintenance. They are also environmentally friendly and comply with New York fire codes.

Metro is Proud to be a Leading Distributor of Rockfon in New York City and Long Island

Metro Interior Distributors works closely with Rockfon to provide customers with exceptional acoustic ceiling tiles and grids. In addition, Metro stocks a wide range of Rockfon stone wool and metal ceilings. Contact us today to find out if Rockfon is right for your next project.

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