When sound migration is a concern, use high-quality sound control products from QT Sound Insulation. The exceptional performance of the flooring products in the QT line has been measured in hundreds of tests. This line has been proven to repeatedly deliver excellent sound control performance in a range of commercial construction applications.

The Most Tested Sound Control Product in the Industry

QT Sound Insulation underlayment is manufactured in the U.S.A. by ECore International, a leading innovator in recycled products technology. QT products have been engineered and extensively tested to meet design requirements and all established indoor air quality standards and building codes.

Key Benefits of QT Sound Insulation Materials

QTscu Sound Insulating Floor Underlayment

It’s the original and leading recycled rubber underlayment. When you need efficient, effective, and easy-to-install underlayment that also provides sound insulation, depend on the QT line of sound insulation materials.

QTrbm Sound Rated Resilient Base Mat

QTrbm is a resilient base mat designed to produce some of the thinnest sound-rated systems in the industry. It is engineered for use directly under most floor finishes, yielding exceptional impact sound insulation results, even under hard surface flooring for concrete or wood-framed construction. This dimpled mat outperforms sound suppression compared to cork, felt, plastic, and roofing membranes while meeting all established indoor air quality standards to make it one of the most effective and sustainable products available.

Additional Accessories for QT Sound Insulation Products

Perimeter Isolation Strips consist of expanded, closed cell, plank, polyethylene foam that meets ASTM D 1056 and ASTM D 3575 standards. Perimeter Isolation strips are lightweight, flexible, compressible, resilient, non-absorbent, and inherent bond breaker that minimizes lateral sound transmission. Meets ASTM D1056 and ASTM D3575 standards. Perimeter Isolation Strips should be used with every QT installation.

E-Grip III is a solvent-free, urethane adhesive. It’s a zero VOC-calculated product with low odor and improved tack properties for easy application and flat, concealed seams.

E-TAK 99 is a premium, pressure-sensitive, multi-flooring adhesive, and plasticizer migration blocker. E-TAK 99 can be used with LVT, 2mm Sheet Vinyl, and VCR Sound Control Underlayment (QTscu). E-TAK 99 can be used for pressure-sensitive installations (tacky) or wet/semi-wet installations.