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Our Coverage Calculator helps estimate amounts needed for wall insulation, attic insulation, roof insulation, ceiling insulation, basement insulation, and more!
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A commercial spray foam insulation kit is the perfect solution for all types of commercial and residential insulation projects. It’s a good choice to use on wall insulation, attic insulation, roof insulation, and basement insulation. And using our project coverage calculator with an r value chart, you’ll know your spray foam insulation price, and how much to use, without spending more than you need!


Determine How Many Handi-Foam E84 Class 1(A) Spray Foam Kits You Need!

Project Coverage Calculator

Use the Coverage Calculator below to estimate your SQFT coverage needs. (SQFT for walls and ceilings may also be calculated by using the formula: Length X Width = SQFT Area.)

Materials Needed / Cost: # #

* Overage Allowance is needed because air and surface temperature can affect your overall yield.

Note: If you need 5 or more kits for your project, ask us how you may be able to save even more time and money. Go to Johns-Manville Corbond Spray Foam in 55 Gallon Drums or contact Metro today to find out how!

    Handi-Foam 605 Board Kit is now just $775!

    Handi-Foam® Commercial Spray Foam

    Commercial Spray Foam Insulation Kit Product Overview

    The Hand-Foam® Spray Foam E-84 Class 1(A) Insulation Kit is a rapid-curing, closed cell polyurethane foam insulation that can be used for a variety of residential and commercial applications. The product is comprised of an A Kit and a B Kit, which are designed for easy application by contractors and homeowners alike. Handi-Foam® E84 is classified as a fire-rated spray foam insulation and does not contain CFCs, VOCs, Formaldehyde or PENTA-BDEs. Personal protective equipment (PPE), including outerwear, gloves, eye, face, and respiratory protection, is a must-have for spray foam application jobs. Metro Interiors carries a full line of PPE equipment. If you’re looking for a commercial spray foam kit, contact Metro for details on what you may need.
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    Handi-Foam® E84 Class 1 Spray Foam Insulation Kit Types

    The Hand-Foam® E84 Class 1(A) Kit is available in a 605 Board Kit and 200 Board Kit: The 605 Board Kit yields 600 board feet, or 600 square feet at 1-inch thick at an R-7 value per inch. The 200 Board Kit yields 200 board feet, or 200 square feet at 1-inch thick at R-7 value per inch. All kits are low GWP.

    Handi-Foam 605 Board Kit is now just $775!