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While a lot of time and energy is spent on sourcing the big stuff such as steel frames, sheathing, insulation, ceiling systems, and doors, Metro knows that the supporting players are also important, including adhesives, screws, respirators, safety products, and more. At Metro Interior Distributors, we are committed to supplying a wide range of commercial construction products, from steel to screws, from ceilings to construction specialty adhesives. And because Metro is so committed to on-time delivery, we’re here to get you what you need, when you need it, no matter how big or small.

Metro Interior Distributors, Inc. offers a wide variety of 3M, Scorpion, and Loctite building and construction products, including tapes, adhesives, fire stop, respirators, and vapor barrier products including:

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This high-strength aluminum foil tape works well on irregular surfaces and in extreme temperature settings due to its aggressive, high-temperature acrylic adhesive system.

Features tri-directional reinforcement from 2 x 3 fiberglass scrim and is ready for demanding temperature and humidity conditions. It also provides a vapor seal for reinforced fiberglass or mineral wood thermal insulation.

A self-adhesive moisture barrier for window and door openings and has a strong acrylic adhesive and a thin, proprietary backing.

Tough enough to replace nails and fasteners in a wide variety of applications, including waterproofing, drainage mat installation, expansion joints, foam board installation, geotextile seaming, and more. Plus, the wide web spray pattern provides heavy body but a low-soak-in for any surface.

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One of the most popular and features 3M’s proprietary Cool Flow™ Valve, which is specially designed to provide comfortable protection during long periods of hot and dusty work conditions.

This translucent film membrane reduces air leakage and uncontrolled airflow from a building envelope. It contains a high-tack acrylic adhesive that works successfully with virtually all surface temperatures and self-seals around nails and staples to keep out moisture.