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Our Insider Tips for Contractors: How to Ensure Reliable, On-Time Delivery

Look, everyone wants on-time delivery of their building supplies. And Metro wants to make sure each customer and client gets the delivery they need when they need it. But just wanting to make it happen isn’t enough.

Instead, our sales teams work hard to get all the information they need for successful deliveries. They ask questions. They get details. They anticipate challenges. And when you deliver to cities and sites in our region, including the heart of New York City, that’s not always an easy task.

We’ve interviewed three key team members at Metro Interior Distributors to find out their secrets to getting building supplies out the door and into the hands of contractors on time, every time.

Matt Sutherland, Founder

Okay, the first suggestion sounds simple, but it’s not always completed. The person taking the order must repeat the order back to the customer to confirm the accuracy of what they were told. Sometimes clients don’t even realize they said one word instead of another. These are honest mistakes, but they can kill you on a job site. Repeat the order back. Make sure each party agrees on what was said.

Secondly, our team wants clear, concise instructions. What do you want us to do, exactly? How do you want us to do it? What time do you need us there? What happens if we’re late? What happens if we’re early? Understanding all the contingencies helps us be in the right place at the right time.

Third, give contact names and numbers for the delivery. Make sure we know who to contact if there’s an issue. Maybe the bridge closed down. Maybe we’re at the site, and we don’t see anyone who can take the delivery. Contact names are absolutely critical.

Vern Leake, Sales

If you want everything to go perfect, don’t wait until the last minute to order. Try to get the order in a timely fashion – give yourself at least two days.

Next, make sure the time you request works with your construction slot. What I mean is to make sure things like elevator reservations are in place. In the city, you usually need time access to an elevator or hoist. Sometimes we have to drive into a building, and again, we have to get timed access. A delivery can’t be on time if we can’t deliver it once we arrive.

And when you give directions, mention the cross street for the delivery address. It helps.

Brian McMenamin, Sales

Deliveries work best when there’s full transparency. Make sure everyone is on the same page: the foreman, the office, and the yard director. Everyone should know what materials are ordered and when they’re arriving. I can’t tell you how many times we show up with a delivery and find out the office ordered, but the foreman didn’t know, or vice versa. Make sure your team knows what’s going on.

Assign a point of contact at the job site. That person is the one who will accept the delivery, take it in. Having a point of contact at the job site saves time for the crew, and it saves time for us, too.

Finally, choose a delivery time that works for the site. Sometimes a client wants a delivery at 7 am, but we can deliver because the street has a slow-moving garbage truck making its rounds. Is the elevator available? Is the street shut down while a crane works? Construction sites are usually pretty busy places, so make sure your deliveries can get to you at the right time to save a lot of frustration.

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Matt, Vern, Brian, and everyone at Metro Interior Distributors are dedicated to helping all of our clients succeed. Our sales team is experienced, knows our brands inside and out, and wants to help you find value engineering solutions that work for your project. If you’re ready to talk, contact us today, and let’s find out what we can accomplish together.