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New York City Contractors Love HandiFoam® Commercial Spray Insulation Kits

An interview with Scott Lumley

Scott Lumley, Regional Sales Manager, Insulation Products for HandiFoam®, loves working with the New York market. “After several years with the company, I took on the Northeast and Canada regional management role at HandiFoam®, and that’s when I started working with Metro. It was a great move for me. Our spray kits are popular nationwide, but they’re especially well-suited for how contractors work in New York City.”

He continues, “Our spray kits were developed for insulation, weatherization and general contractors, HVAC pros, electricians, and plumbing contractors. When they’re rehabbing and working on older buildings, bringing them up to code, they need sprayfoam insulation that’s easy to transport and easy to use in hard-to-reach spots. That’s where HandiFoam® spray foam kits really shine.”

Handifoam® is part of ICP Group, the 7th largest coatings company in the world. ICP Group offers a range of brands that provide solutions for cementitious coatings, architectural coatings, sports coatings, environmental coatings, roofing, and insulation products. HandiFoam® delivers low-pressure one- and two-component polyurethane foam sealants, adhesives, pour-in-place, and spray foams. But the spray foam kits have special appeal in New York City.

“This product just makes sense in New York,” says Lumley. “That’s one of the many reasons that Metro is a leading distributor of our kits in this market.”

HandiFoam® is the Professional's Choice

“HandiFoam® is committed to helping the contractor pros out in the marketplace,” Lumley emphasizes. “That’s why it makes sense to partner with Metro Interior Distributors. They’re also selling to commercial customers. The commercial business has really been our focus. HandiFoam® is known as the professionals’ choice.”

“HandiFoam® spray kits kind of fill a niche. They’re supplemental to the giant spray rigs using 55-gallon drums.” Lumley says, “But it does work nicely for the smaller jobs or air sealing. Our kits work for the guys doing rim joists in a basement, a vent pipe, electrical, or HVAC.”

In some cases, HandiFoam® Spray Foam Insulation Kits are used to do touch-up work. “If the electrical guy or the plumber has been on a job site and made some cuts, sending a GC with a HandiFoam® kit is more efficient than sending the entire rig. These portable kits fill the need in a lot of different situations.”


In New York and other states, regulators have established requirements that phase out and prohibit using a group of blowing agents, hydrofluorocarbons (HFC), widely used in spray foam insulation. These regulations are based on HFCs’ high Global Warming Potential (GWP). “All HandiFoam® products meet New York state’s low GWP requirements. All of our products meet those specs and can be used anywhere, ” notes Lumley.

If It Turns Blue, Stop Your Crew

“When it comes to HandiFoam®, there are three things to keep in mind,” Lumley stresses. “Temperature, temperature, and temperature! The temperature of the chemical itself, the temperature of the ambient air, and the substrate temperature are all critical to the curing process. HandiFoam® ingredients need heat to cure properly. Working in a 75- to 85-degree temperature range is ideal. When the temperatures are right, contractors get a better product yield, a better coat, and better coverage.”

Lumley explains, “Our products have ColorWise® snap-tip nozzles on our guns. If they turn blue, you know it is too cold. We remind users of our products, ‘If it turns blue, stop your crew.'”

Perfect for New York City Buildings

Working on skyscrapers and older buildings presents space challenges. HandiFoam® spray insulation kits are small and portable, making them easy to apply in tight spaces. “Our kits are a bit easier to maneuver because it’s all in one easy-to-manage box,” says Lumley. “It depends on the size of the job and the space you have to work in.”

New York City is filled with older buildings that need continual maintenance and remodeling. So contractors in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Staten Island, and Long Island often find themselves working in tight spaces. “Size and portability are critical when working in an older structure or confined to a small portion of a high rise. Job sites in NYC can be cramped. That’s when HandiFoam® kits make perfect sense.”


HandiFoam® and Metro Solve Customer Challenges

Metro Interior Distributors works closely with HandiFoam® and carries a range of insulation spray kits. Contact us today to learn more about all the spray insulation solutions Metro offers. Our team of experts will help you find the HandiFoam® product that’s right for your needs.