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Metro Pros Share Delivery Tips

Our customers all have one thing in common: they want an accurate and on-time delivery of building materials. That’s why our team works hard to ensure our clients get the materials they need at the time they need. In order to do that, everyone on the sales team makes sure to gather the right delivery details and that isn’t always an easy task.

We’ve interviewed some team members at Metro Interior Distributors to get tips on how to make sure building materials get onto the trucks and into the hands of developers and contractors on time, every time.

Caroline, Sales

Caroline has spent years helping customers get on-time and accurate deliveries. “One thing we do here is repeat the order back to the customer. It sounds simple, but it’s essential.”

She goes on to say, “Some people don’t even realize they said one word instead of another. These are honest mistakes, but they can ruin your day on a job site. So. We always repeat the order back to make sure we have it right.”

Caroline works with her customers to understand the nature of their delivery. “All deliveries are important,” she says, “and each time we deliver to a job site there could be a different scenario. If there is a job start, an inspection, or a punch list that day we want to know. We understand the coordination required to accept a delivery in our market and strive to have our part in it go as seamlessly as possible.”

Frank, Sales

Frank has years of experience in the construction industry, so he knows how to help his customers get it right.  He notes, “I always remind customers that everyone needs to be ready for a building materials delivery. It is crucial to make sure the details such as elevator sizes, dock reservations, and equipment specifications are clear before we schedule any delivery.”

Frank explains, “Sometimes we have to drive into a building, or we may have limited time to access a loading dock. We might need someone to open a gate or give us entry to a garage. A delivery can’t be on time if we can’t get it to the site once we arrive.”


Finally, Frank encourages customers to give thorough directions. “There’s no such thing as too much direction. If you can mention the cross street, for example, for the delivery address, it helps.”

Robert, Driver

While Robert is a delivery pro, he encourages contractors and developers to also facilitate the on-time deliveries in which our customers play an essential role. He notes that “My regulars know a 6 am delivery means that his truck is in place and unstrapped at 6 am, not just pulling up to the job. They know they can walk onto a loading dock or freight entrance at a designated time and immediately get to work.”

The most common issues he encounters are when the site isn’t ready. “If I have a 6 am delivery and no one is at the loading dock or I do not have a designated contact number,” he adds, “that causes a delay.”

Mike, Sales

Mike encourages customers to keep everyone informed. “Make sure everyone knows what is happening and when. That includes the foreman, the office, and the yard director. Each of these people should know what materials are ordered and when they will be delivered.”


Mike also emphasizes the importance of a point of contact on-site. “A point of contact at the job site can check the order, accept the delivery, and get it to the right place at the right time. Without that person on site, mistakes can happen.”

Want More Tips to Make Your Job Easier?

Caroline, Frank, Robert, Mike, and everyone at Metro Interior Distributors are dedicated to helping our clients succeed. Our sales team is experienced, knows our brands inside and out, and wants to help you find solutions that work for your project. If you’re ready to talk, contact us today, and let’s find out what we can accomplish together.