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Metro Helps Contractors Leverage Lean Construction

Construction is a competitive industry. Every dollar counts, and if a firm isn’t careful, wasted time and product can put them into the red. That’s why more and more contractors and developers in the New York City region are embracing lean construction.

As the name implies, lean construction is about eliminating waste: wasted time, resources, and materials. With some work, lean construction strategies may help your firm eliminate common organizational problems and maximize efficiency, and that means projects can be more profitable.

The fact is, there is a wide range of inefficient practices that can eat away at profits. Lean construction principles point to ways to save time and money in processes, people, and materials. We share a few tips here.

Regulate the Supply of Materials

Regulating the inventory of materials is a challenge for many job sites. No one wants to stockpile supplies on a construction site, especially in New York, where space is at a premium and site security is always an issue. However, running out of materials is also a deal breaker.

Developing a relationship with a reliable construction materials distributor like Metro is one way to ensure the right level of inventory is delivered to the site throughout the build. Our customers avoid encountering unexpected backorders because Metro keeps contractors informed of delivery dates. If materials are back-ordered, Metro can usually give the customer an early heads-up and recommend value engineering solutions that meet contractor needs without sacrificing quality or aesthetics.

reliable construction materials distributor like Metro

Eliminate Inefficient Logistics and Deliveries

Inefficient transport leads to slowdowns at job sites. If the timing of deliveries is off, it can lead to interference with work, slowdowns, or even a complete stop to progress. It’s all about JIT (Just In Time) by getting the right materials, to the right place, at the right time for maximum efficiency.

Contractors and developers can reduce or eliminate transportation inefficiencies by choosing the right building materials distributor. At Metro, we often bundle deliveries to meet the needs of the job progress schedule on each construction site. We can deliver what is needed for the day and then deliver another bundle to meet the next day’s needs.

getting the right building materials, to the right place, at the right time for maximum efficiency

Minimize Downtime

Waiting for materials can mean long periods of downtime. When building material deliveries are late, workers end up standing around. To keep everyone working, smart contractors use a distributor that is committed to on-time delivery. That’s why Metro Interior Distributors should be the first call you make.

Reduce Mistakes

On the job site, small mistakes can have enormous consequences. That’s why it’s so important to have every part of the team dedicated to the highest performance levels. Crew leaders and sharp-eyed supervisors can help keep a crew mistake-free. Likewise, construction leaders are dedicated to helping their crews avoid errors. They actively participate in making sure material delivery dates and times are complete and correct.

Increase Movement Efficiency

Think about the way people move on the site and look to create efficiencies. When workers don’t know where materials are stored, time is wasted. For instance, heavy materials take more time and effort to move than lighter materials. Some types of installation take a lot of effort to install, while other options go in quickly and easily.

By thinking through how each aspect of the job works with other tasks and milestones, it’s possible to create all kinds of efficiencies in movement. Lighter loads, more efficient packaging, pre-cut materials, time-saving products, and superior delivery placement reduce wasted motion and energy. 

Embrace Pull Planning

Pull planning is a collaborative approach that starts with an end goal and takes a reverse approach to sequencing tasks. It’s a highly efficient way to plan projects and is often a core component of lean construction.

This type of planning works best when team members work together. They agree on milestones and then work backward to pull in all the details and requirements. Think of it as reverse-engineering the project.

Use Metro to Maximize the Principles of Lean Construction

The experienced sales team at Metro is committed to helping customers work leaner. Whether that means custom kitting, staged deliveries, recommending more efficient materials, or simply getting supplies delivered on time, everyone at Metro Interior Distributors is dedicated to making your project successful. Contact us today to learn more.