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How to Create a Reliable Contractor/Distributor Relationship

Your commercial construction business needs customers, trained staff, and a dependable source of building materials to survive. If any of these goes awry, it can put your project in jeopardy. That’s why it makes sense to find a good distributor and supplier and create a strong relationship.

A wholesale distributor plays a vital role in the success of any company. But in the New York building industry, the wrong distributor can literally make or break your business. That’s because delays in supplies, missed deliveries, or the wrong product can quickly strip the margins out of even your most profitable jobs.

If you’re looking for a wholesale supplier for your construction company or development project, a quick Google search will give you a long list from which to choose. But how do you know which supplier is the best fit for your needs? And once you find a good supplier, how can you create a partnership that goes beyond price-off deals and starts helping you grow your business profitably?

How to Find a Reliable Building Materials Distributor in NYC That Delivers on Time Every Time

Waiting at any job site for delivery is stressful. Waiting at a New York City job site for a delivery is even worse. Traffic, timed elevators, waiting crews, and limited permits puts more pressure on contractors and developers in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and The Bronx.

Most of us in the construction industry has been in that awful position where the crew is waiting, specialty machines are rented, permits completed, and we are told that delivery will be late. Sometimes by a few hours. Sometimes by a few days or more.

In our world, lateness isn’t just an inconvenience–it literally sucks up profits. Many contractors and developers must pay people and companies extra as they wait for delayed building material deliveries. Or companies must send workers home and hope they can come back tomorrow. Nothing is harder on a business owner’s spirit (and pocketbook) than a construction site that is waiting for materials to arrive.

At Metro, we keep our promises. And we won’t wait until the last minute to tell our customers if manufacturing deliveries are delayed. We account for traffic. We know how to deliver reliably in every borough, Long Island, and beyond. If we say to a customer that an item or shipment will be somewhere at a specific time, it will be there.

Choose a Distributor Staffed by Knowledgeable Experts

Every person you talk to should know their products inside and out. The sales staff should be able to help you work through specs and challenging situations or give you more information on ways to use the product to minimize product and labor costs.

Construction and development require knowledge of building codes, material tolerances, and rigid specifications. At Metro, our teams are trained to help customers work through requirements to ensure that the right building product has been selected for the job.

Choose a Distributor That Carries a Deep Inventory of Building Supplies

Now more than ever, you need a distributor who keeps a large supply of building materials in stock. A good distributor keeps ample product available. Successful, reliable distributors, like Metro, keep a wide range of building materials on hand for immediate delivery while also accommodating special orders.

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Look for a Commercial Building Distributor That has Relationships With Leading Brands

Of course, you need to choose a distributor that carries a wide variety of leading products. But it’s also critical to select a commercial building distributor that has close relationships with those brands. That’s because distributors with connections get preferential treatment. They can make things happen and ensure you get what you need when you need it. At Metro Interior Distributors, we create and maintain close relationships with leading brands, including RockfonChicago Metallic, USGNational GypsumGeorgia PacificClark DietrichOwens CorningRoxulHandiFoamJohns ManvilleGreenFiberOSIRectorSealEverKemRMax3MFirestopScorpion BrandLoctitePyro-GuardZip-Up, Grabber, and many more.

Choose a Distributor That Answers the Phone, Returns Calls, and Provides Prompt Service to Commercial Contractors

It doesn’t matter what else a distributor does if you can’t get them on the phone. When you call, text, or email, you should receive a prompt response. Don’t wait for hours or days to pass for someone to return your calls or emails. Choose a distributor that is staffed up, so they can respond to contractor requests quickly and thoroughly. If you get the sense that they don’t have time for you, walk away and look for a distributor that can pay attention to you and your contracting business’s needs.

Promises Kept, Commitments Delivered–Always!

We know that choosing a distributor can often be a gamble. Trying out a new resource is risky and potentially costly. When you want to find more building supply distributors for your contracting or development business, give us a call at 631-673-8420 or visit us at Metro will help you be confident in your decision to make us a part of your business, so contact us today. We keep our promises and deliver on time. Always