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How New York Contractors Reduce Construction Delays

When it comes to New York construction, time is money. Downtime on a site means lost revenue. That’s why keeping the project moving is so important, and on-time deliveries are an essential part of profitable jobs. While many builders try to increase margins by reducing labor costs, it turns out that better material management strategies are more effective.

Metro has spent a lot of time on job sites in the last forty years. Early on, we realized that late deliveries were one of the biggest challenges for contractors. That’s why we built our business around on-time delivery. Here are some of the strategies we use to help our customers get on-time delivery and even save money.

Make Sure the Materials Distributor Knows Your Construction Schedule

Meeting your deadlines is impossible unless your suppliers and subcontractors work with you. When contractors share timelines with building materials distributors, the distributor can work with you to plan, phase orders, make recommendations for efficiencies, and show up when and where they are needed with materials intact.

Our sales team knows construction inside and out. They often help our builder clients understand what worked in the past and how other projects went wrong.

Repeat Yourself Your Order and Repeat Your Delivery Instructions

Communication is one of the best ways to run an efficient work site. Sharing schedules, delays, and delivery requirements early and often with your team and your building supplies distributor is the best way to prevent missed deadlines, order errors, or, worst of all, no delivery.

To ensure better communication, begin each project by informing all supervisors and stakeholders of scheduled check-ins. Don’t be afraid to repeat your goals, timelines, and needs in every team meeting and vendor call. These check-ins are crucial to spotting problems early, making adjustments at the right time, and ensuring your project’s success.

Make Sure Your Team is Working Together

Supervisors must ensure all stakeholders, subcontractors, and suppliers are working harmoniously. Each party plays a vital role, and their ability to work together can significantly impact the project’s outcome.

Delays and conflicts can be minimized. Scheduling errors are controlled. Projects are completed on time, on budget, and with the expected quality, which helps maintain positive relationships with clients.

Optimize Your Inventory

Keeping track of materials and equipment helps control costs by preventing over-ordering or under-utilization. It also allows for accurate budgeting and forecasting. Knowing the available materials and equipment allows for better planning and scheduling, reducing downtime, and delays.

A good building supplies distributor can help contractors and developers manage inventories by working with supervisors to divide deliveries into manageable increments, allowing for better inventory organization without forcing workers to pause to accept constant deliveries.

Using Product Kits

Talking with your building supplies distributor to set up deliveries as product kits can be a bright idea for several reasons. Kits can be delivered just in time, reducing the need for on-site storage and minimizing the risk of theft or damage to materials.

It also keeps the job site organized. Workers can quickly identify which materials are for which task, reducing the risk of errors or misplaced items.

Setting up deliveries as product kits can improve efficiency, reduce waste, improve organization, save costs, provide just-in-time delivery, allow customization, and improve communication between contractors and distributors.

Leverage Staging

Phasing can be a great way to save time and money when working in limited spaces. Phasing orders makes it easier to organize your worksite, keep track of inventory, and reduce the amount of waste that needs to be carried away.

A good building supplies distributor can create customized “bundles,” or deliveries, containing the supplies you need for a particular phase, floor, or area of your build. The contractor and distributor work together on the pre-work.

The Right Materials Distributor Can Make or Break a Project

If your distributors are just taking orders, you may be wasting time and money. Good partnerships make every job more manageable. Find a building materials distributor who understands how to help contractors make the most of their time, materials, worksite, and budget.

At Metro, each of our sales reps are expert in the materials they sell. They can help builders choose the best products for their jobs and often save money through value engineering strategies. Contact us today to learn how we can help you feel more confident in your timelines and material delivery schedules.