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Innovation is Built into Gold Bond

An interview with Matt Gallagher from National Gypsum


Although headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, National Gypsum Company is dedicated to serving all North American companies. As the exclusive service provider for products manufactured by Gold Bond Building Products, LLC, PermaBASE Building Products, LLC and ProForm Finishing Products, LLC, National Gypsum created a strategic network of manufacturing facilities in major metropolitan hubs across the continent. This nimble approach to manufacturing and distribution enables the company to provide exceptional customer service while still meeting the needs of fast-paced projects.

Gold Bond Creates Products and Relationships That Are Built to Last

Matt Gallagher, Gypsum Systems Product Manager for National Gypsum, explains, “Gold Bond creates products and relationships that are built to last. We are committed to the project, even before the contractor or architect arrives on site. That’s why we offer a diverse product line, industry-leading innovation, and dedication to servicing the customer.”

Gallagher started his career in construction before joining National Gypsum in 2014. “My role is broad and comprises many responsibilities, but the key focus is overseeing our Gold Bond Building Products portfolio. That includes ideation such as the development of new products, upgrades to existing products, and improving performance.” He reports, “I truly enjoy the work. I think my favorite part is traveling the country and meeting our customers. No market is the same, so the diversity in customers, projects, and product preference is so interesting.”

“We offer the most comprehensive line of gypsum products on the market, including our PURPLE family of products, the XP® (Extra Protection) and eXP® (Extended Protection) lines.” Gallagher notes, “We like to say that PURPLE is the color of confidence. Gold Bond PURPLE products give contractors and customers the confidence they need to stand behind their work.”

SoundBreak® XP® offers improved sound damping, and the patented GridMarX® installation guide marks on our boards make it easier for contractors to install on the job site.

Continually Innovating to Help Customers

Innovation is built into everything Gold Bond does. “We really listen to what contractors, developers, and architects tell us so we can create products that allow them to build better, safer, easier, or faster,” Gallagher reports. “We’re continually innovating our gypsum board performance and the functional properties of the board. For instance, SoundBreak® XP® offers improved sound damping, and the patented GridMarX® installation guide marks on our boards make it easier for contractors to install on the job site.”

National Gypsum is proud of their customer-first mentality. “We provide a best-in-class customer service team to answer any questions you may have concerning our products,” says Gallagher. “We have real people picking up the phone to help you on the job or in the office. That’s why our name became synonymous with high-quality, innovative products and exceptional customer service. We work hard to provide exceptional support.”

Look for Gold Bond in Many High-Profile Builds

As the industry leader, Gold Bond is the natural choice for even the largest and most prestigious contracting jobs. “We’re in so many buildings, it’s hard to pick just a few,” explains Gallagher, “But I’d definitely want to point out Duke Energy Plaza in Charlotte, North Carolina, Block 185 (Google Tower) in Austin, Texas, Winthrop Center in Boston and One Bryant Park in New York City.”

The Gold Bond Family of Products

Because it offers a diverse portfolio, Gold Bond products meet a wide range of construction needs. As a result, it’s often a single-source supplier for all wallboard products. Gallagher notes, “We have ‘Gypsum Solutions for any challenge.’  Gold Bond® Fire-Shield® Gypsum Board is used in most commercial projects. It’s perfect for single or multilayer drywall construction. The 5/8” thickness provides increased resistance to fire and helps reduce sound transmission.”

While all gypsum-based drywall is naturally fire-resistant, the PURPLE family of products is unique because it also resists moisture, mold, and mildew. Gallagher reports, “with PURPLE, your walls go well beyond what’s possible with standard drywall as it is also mold and moisture resistant. Some PURPLE drywall products also stand up to scratches, scuffs, dents, and noise.”

For contractors looking to reduce noise, Gold Bond® SoundBreak® XP® products have innovative sound damping engineered directly into the drywall. Gallagher explains, “SoundBreak XP Wall® Board, SoundBreak XP Ceiling® Board, and SoundBreak XP Retrofit® Board each addresses specific noise reduction needs in construction and design.”

When contractors and developers need high-performance sheathing, they look for Gold Bond® eXP® Sheathing. “The enhanced moisture- and mold-resistance,” he says, “is designed for attachment to the outside wall and soffit framing as a substrate for exterior cladding. It consists of a moisture- and mold-resistant gypsum core encased in a coated, specially designed PURPLE fiberglass mat on the face, back, and sides.”

The sheathing is so reliable that Gold Bond offers a warranty. “Because we’re so confident in the mold and moisture resistance,” Gallagher explains, “we offer a twelve-month warranty for typical weather conditions. This helps with potential job site weather delays.

Gold Bond and Metro Interior Distributors

Metro has worked with Gold Bond Building Products for decades and enjoys a close relationship. “Metro is great to work with,” says Gallagher. “Our sales rep loves visiting them on Long Island. The Metro team is always so welcoming. We really enjoy serving the New York market together, and we look forward to continuing a strong relationship in the future.”