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Chicago Metallic® Drywall Grid Systems from Rockfon® are a “Snap”

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An interview with Rockfon’s Mekram Mohammad

Sometimes drywall grid allows installers to be more precise. Other times, it can make installation easier. Rockfon® Chicago Metallic® SpanfastTM Drywall Grid Systems does both. No wonder it’s becoming the preferred drywall grid for so many contractors and developers in the New York City region.

Drywall grid is a network of metal tracks and main runners that form a grid pattern which is used to support and hold gypsum board, or drywall, in place. Once the drywall grid is in place, it is secured to the ceiling structure, and gypsum board is then screwed into the grid to keep it in place.

“Rockfon manufactures Chicago Metallic products. The SpanfastTM drywall grid features notches in the tracks that allow workers to snap the grid in place,” says Mekram Mohammad, Regional Sales Manager for Rockfon. He continues, “This gypsum panel suspension system is an ideal choice for short spans or congested plenums where installing hanger wires is difficult and time-consuming and, in many applications, eliminates the need for hanger wires. SpanfastTM drywall framing system reduces on-site labor by using a pre-notched drywall ceiling track to lock the furring tees in place. For the contractor, that means simplified measuring and no double-checking to ensure everything is square. The track does the work for them.”

The Spanfast Drywall Grid System eliminates the need for hanger wires at spans less than 7’, depending on load requirements. However, Rockfon offers main carriers within the Spanfast system up to 14’ in length for larger projects. “Contractors and developers use this drywall grid system because it makes it possible to do high-quality work very quickly,” Mohammad explains, “Teams can also install a zero additional support system in the middle of the drywall or metal ceiling grid. For larger spans, hanger wires are needed. 7’ and under, no additional supports are needed.”

The combination of pre-notched drywall ceiling track and no or minimal additional supports make Rockfon’s Spanfast System ideal for narrow spaces that are difficult to navigate for contractors. We really excel with the Spanfast system,” says Mohammad, “Drywall is much easier to install with our grid system, even in corridors and tighter spaces. Architects and contractors like our product because it takes the guesswork out of keeping everything square. They don’t have to rely on exceptional measuring expertise in the field.”

Spanfast is just one piece of the Rockfon Chicago Metallic Drywall Grid portfolio. Chicago Metallic Drywall Grid components are constructed from a hot-dip galvanized HDG 40 body. The 640 and 650 Drywall Grid Systems are compatible with seismically compliant A-F stab-end cross tees, as well as demountable hook-end cross tees. The 640CR system features 8” OC pre-notched main runners, allowing for custom curving onsite. Additionally, the Chicago Metallic Drywall Grid system is compatible with several of Rockfon’s Metal Ceiling products, including Spanair® Torsion Spring Concealed System. “We really excel with the drywall grid system,” says Mohammad, “The system makes it extremely easy to install drywall or metal ceilings like Rockfon® Spanair® Torsion Spring Concealed Metal Panels.”


Knurled Edges Improve Stability

Rockfon Chicago Metallic Drywall Grid Systems also features knurled face caps to secure the connection between the drywall and the screw. Rockfon creates a surface which provides more contact points and a better grip. “Once you insert a screw into the knurled face cap, it stays secure and stable,” Mohammad explains, “This is especially important for drywall and curved drywall applications. The knurled face provides extra friction. Without knurling, a screw would eventually loosen. But when contractors use Rockfon Chicago Metallic Drywall Grid Systems, they can create a strong connection that stays tight over time.”

Pair With Rockfon® Infinity™ D Perimeter Trim

Rockfon Chicago Metallic Drywall Grid Systems easily connect with Rockfon Infinity D Perimeter Trim. “D Perimeter Trim features a grooved taping flange for simplified drywall installations,” notes Mohammad, “It can be engineered to project specifications to finish straight or curved ceiling edges. It’s primed and delivered to the job site, so it’s ready for the installer to paint it to match the exact color of their drywall.”


Rockfon also has Infinity D Perimeter Trim available in different heights, starting at 4″. “We also can curve it offsite,” he notes, “and deliver it to the job site ready to install.”

Creating Trees for Schoolchildren

Rockfon Chicago Metallic Drywall Grid allows architects and contractors to build creative and attractive ceilings. In a recent project, Mohammad helped builders spec out a school renovation in which drywall clouds were designed to resemble trees. “Three islands in the middle of the ceiling were constructed with drywall grid and Rockfon Infinity D Perimeter Trim,” he notes, “We extruded aluminum, primed, and curved it. Then they painted everything green on site to look like a canopy of treetops.”

This kind of custom work is nothing new to Rockfon. “We offer the expertise of a specialty metal team based out of our Chicago office,” he adds, “Our team can create a full layout and then deliver the material, ready to go, with assembly instructions. We work hard to take the guesswork out of custom designs.”

Rockfon and Metro Work Together

Metro Interior Distributors is a full-stocking Rockfon distributor in the New York City metro area. “We’re excited to have Metro as a partner,” says Mohammad, “The collaboration that we have with Metro is extremely strong.”


Metro was one of the first distributors of Rockfon in the Northeast region. “We love working with Metro,” he continues, “Like Rockfon, Metro is committed to helping architects, contractors, and developers succeed. We can create some pretty amazing builds when we all work together.”

Want to Learn More About Rockfon?

Metro Interior Distributors works closely with Rockfon and carries a range of Rockfon and Rockfon Chicago Metallic products. Contact us today to learn more about the solutions offered. Our team of Metro experts will help you find the right product for your needs.

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