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5 Ways Metro Supports Contractors and Developers

No business can succeed without satisfying its customers, and Metro is no exception. We have set ourselves apart in the construction industry by offering contractors and developers more value than the typical building materials distributor.

Metro Interior Distributors has been helping commercial contractors in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut for decades. Here are five of the top ways we can make your job easier.

Sales Reps That Know Construction

Imagine going to a wine tasting at a vineyard. After sampling all the products, you ask the sales representative about the product. The salesman replies, “I’m sorry, but I really wouldn’t know. I don’t drink wine.”

This may sound absurd, but some customer service and sales representatives are completely unfamiliar with the products they are paid to sell. In the construction world, many of the salespeople hired by building materials distributors have no prior contracting experience and have no firsthand understanding of the items in their inventory.

At Metro, our sales reps and customer service staff know the construction industry inside out and have experience making estimates and dealing with the challenges you face daily. They are familiar with regional building codes, product and system applications, and material tolerances. When you speak to our reps, they will work through all the specs to ensure they’re informed enough to be truly helpful.

Reliable Material Requirement Estimates

Even the smallest jobs require an accurate estimate. The success of every project hinges on knowing precisely how much of each material you need, ensuring you don’t over- or under-order once you have an estimate.

Being short by a single item can mean that you will be forced to order more, which eats into your margins and pushes back the completion date. Over-ordering presents a similar issue, burning a hole in the budget and leaving you stuck with materials that you didn’t need.

At Metro, we avoid these problems by helping you estimate the materials your job requires. Our sales team will work alongside you to determine which products fit your project needs and in what quantity. They can even spec the job to give you the best advice on how much to order and how you can minimize costs and cut waste.


Flexibility Through Value Engineering

Value engineering is the process of maximizing value by improving functionality (while the cost remains the same or improves) or reducing cost (while functionality remains the same or improves).

Value engineering can be a lifesaver when something is out of stock, abnormally expensive, or the shipment becomes delayed – all especially common in today’s world of labor shortages, supply chain issues, and inflation. These problems can compound in urban areas like New York City and Long Island, where the fast-paced property market and lack of local storage empty shelves faster.

But with Metro’s well-stocked inventory and sales team, you can rest easy. If something is out of stock, or if there is simply a better option, we can often help contractors by substituting building materials with a replacement. As long as it’s less expensive – but still retains (or outperforms) the original product’s quality, architectural function, and aesthetic appeal – the value is better. We’re always working to provide our customers with best-in-class solutions.

Finding Your Perfect Fit

Finding a product at an unbeatable value is great, but only if it works for the job site and does what it’s supposed to. At Metro, we understand that selecting the best product isn’t always a simple task. With new materials available seemingly every day, it can be difficult for property developers and contractors to stay up to speed, so we save them the effort. Our sales team can make recommendations from all the options in our inventory that meet your specs while staying within budget.

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We Deliver On Time, Every Time

Every project is different and building materials distributors who recognize this also know that each job requires a unique approach. For example, some contractors need everything delivered upfront, others need partial deliveries broken into pre-determined intervals, and others need their orders kitted or warehoused until they’re ready.

At Metro, our comprehensive inventory and exceptional logistical team enable us to accommodate whatever schedule you prefer. Let us know what product you want, how much you’d like, and when it should arrive, and we’ll make it happen. We understand how stressful late orders can be, so we pride ourselves on consistently making deliveries on time, every time.

Choose a Trustworthy Building Materials Distributor

Since 1984, we’ve delivered building materials on time, exactly as requested. We make your job easier by getting you the best products available, meeting your needs, and working with your schedule. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your next project.